Principal Investigator


J. William Boley, PhD.

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University

110 Cummington Mall, Room 108
Office: 617-358-1134

Graduate Students

Kevin Man
Wenkuan (Kevin) Man
PhD Student, 3rd year, MSE

As a master’s student, I focused on synthesizing a WO3 nanorod array and characterizing its electrochromic properties. Following my master’s work, I continued my research on graphene and graphene glass and their applications in sensors, smart windows and touch screens. In the AAL, I am focusing on designing and printing soft conductive inks, and their applications for soft electronics and robotics using 3D printing technology.

Leslie Leung
Leslie Leung
PhD Student, 2nd year, MechE
I obtained my bachelor's degree in physics from UC Berkeley in 2016 and my master's degree in mechanical engineering from UC Davis in 2019 with a thesis titled "Investigation of High-speed Directed Energy Deposition (DED) for High Geometric Accuracy and Productivity." After joining AAL, my research focus shifted from metal-based additive manufacturing to scalable inkjet-printed micro/nanoelectronic devices with broad applications to flexible electronics and e-textiles, among others.
Stephanie Flores Zopf
Stephanie Flores Zopf
PhD Student, 2nd year, MechE
My background spans research in materials science, textiles, printing and flexible energy storage. I am interested in developing advanced manufacturing techniques to fabricate smart textiles for apparel and wearable technologies.
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Jean Paul Soto Aquino
PhD Student, 2nd year, MechE

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. As an undergraduate, I had the opportunity to participate in research at Boston University and at my alma matter across the Nanotechnology, Solid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences fields.  Now, my interests lay in programming, synthesizing and characterizing inks for multi-material 4D printing applications.

Javier M Morales Ferrer
PhD Student, 2nd year, MechE

I acquired my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with minor concentration in chemistry at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. During my bachelor my research interest where in thermal science and solid mechanics. I had the opportunity of participating in project related to both fields at my home campus and in different summer internships at Boston University and Harvard University. As a graduate student, my research is focused on 4D printing shape-shifting structures and its broad applications.

Alex Levy
PhD Student, 1st year, MechE

I graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2016. I have gained industry experience in both the medical device and naval industries. My research focuses on high temperature printing systems.

Rongxuan(Faust) Xie
MS Student, 2nd year, MSE
I received my bachelors degree in chemical engineering and technology in 2018.  During that time I focused on synthesis and characterization of metal catalyst for ε-caprolactone.  In the AAL, my research is aimed to design, synthesize, and characterize liquid metal inks for applications in soft electronics.

Undergraduate Students

Dhyllan Skiba
Dhyllan Skiba
I am an undergraduate at Boston University pursuing a double major in Mechanical and Computer Engineering. At the AAL, I am working on developing high temperature printing systems for direct ink writing of metals, ceramics, or oxides.
Nicholas Rosenberger

I am an undergraduate Senior at Boston University studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in manufacturing engineering. In the AAL, I am working with Stephanie Zopf on developing materials for smart textiles and wearable technologies.

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