Principal Investigator


J. William Boley, PhD.

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University

110 Cummington Mall, Room 108
Office: 617-358-1134

Graduate Students

Stephanie Flores Zopf
Stephanie Flores Zopf
PhD Candidate, 4th year, MechE
My background spans research in materials science, textiles, printing and flexible energy storage. I am interested in developing advanced manufacturing techniques to fabricate smart textiles for apparel and wearable technologies.
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Ramón E. Sánchez Cruz
PhD Candidate, 6th year, MechE
I earned my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. As a PhD student in the AAL, I am working on developing haptic feedback systems for assistive technologies. My research interest spans from haptic devices embedded in assistive technologies to fully wearable and self-contain haptic devices that could be placed on different parts of the body.
Javier M Morales Ferrer
PhD Candidate, 4th year, MechE
NDSEG Graduate Research Fellow

I acquired my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with minor concentration in chemistry at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. As a graduate student, my research is focused on 4D printing shape-shifting structures and its broad applications.

Undergraduate Students

Sophie Caplan

Lab Alumni

Master Students
Jean P. Soto Aquino - 2022
Rongxuan (Faust) Xie - 2020

Undergraduate Students

Nateethorn "Natee" Nuchklang - 2021
Jane Pak - 2021
Nicholas Rosenberger - 2020
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